Similar Applications


This application currently most closely resembles the Where's Ollie Project. It tracks your location and maintains an archive of location history. Their primary extension includes attaching geo-tagged photos and sharing trip information with friends. Future extensions are in the areas of shipment tracking.


InstaMapper is a free service that stores up to 100,000 points of location history (based on my experience, 100,000 points is about 6 months worth of data). It provides a Google maps website front-end that will display your current location and a short duration history that is viewable from a desktop or a hand held browser. They support the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Motorola iDEN. They provide a method for displaying your current location on Facebook as well the ability to download your location in KML and CSV formats.


This is a commercial location tracking service that allows you to view current location on a browser along with limited location history. Unique capabilities include "fences" that will send you an automated SMS or email when a user enters/exits a perimeter; automatic report generation that records transit times, stop times, and number of stops; and battery alerts or configurable speed limit violation alerts. AccuTracking also advertises vehicle and child locater features. They currently support iDEN series, BlackBerry, Android, and Windows Mobile phones. Service price ranges from $6/month to $10/month (depending on desired features) and they sell complete packages that include phone and phone service.


Speed trap monitoring application that warns you of police speed traps and stoplight cameras. Alerts and user posts from hand-held devices. Website front-end shows current speed traps and stoplight cameras.

Google Latitude

Shows you where your friends are currently located on your hand-held device or from a webpage. Hand-held's are integrated to send IMs or make phone calls. Users must agree to share location with each other. Website is integrated with iGoogle as well as custom embedded html. Location can come from hand-held GPS, cell towers, or from a computer WiFi? network or IP address.


Application provided by Trimble that records outdoor activities (hikes, bike riding, running, etc). The application records time, calories, elevation profile and displays them on a browser. You can download routes to your phone from other users or from national magazines and use them to race against others.


Another application from Trimble that guides users to a Geocache. This is essentially a treasure hunt game where the geo-location of the treasure is already known and the application helps guide your towards it.

Guardian Angel Technology

This company provides a child tracking service. They sell cellular phones with their pre-installed software and offer secure web-based location information. They charge between $85 and $150 for the cell phone, $50 account setup fee, and $30/month service fee. Other child tracking products provided by Sprint and Verizon also offer automated text messages to verify that a child has made it to school, friend's house, etc.

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