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Phone App

  1. Opening / Closing Trips
    • Question: When I'm back home and I try to close the trip, I can't. I guess it's because I don't get a gps signal in my apartment. It says "waiting for server response..." and nothing happens. I have to remember to close the trip when I walk outside. Can you make it so I can close the trip without needing a gps signal?
    • Answer: The open and close trips feature actually doesn’t require a GPS signal, but it does require a data connection. This is because the wheresollie app doesn't store the trip data on your handheld; only on the server (i.e. your phone requests a list of open trips from the server). For now, you can verify that you have a data connection using a web browser. A feature request has been added in #25.
  2. GPS Outage
    • Question: Occasionally when I go indoors, the GPS becomes "temporarily unavailable." After going outside again, it takes a while to regain the GPS signal. What gives?
    • Answer: GPS tracking only works if the GPS receiver can receive a clear signal. It is common to lose the signal indoors, underground, or in an airplane. The wheresollie app attempts to restart the GPS receiver after extended GPS outages (see Bug #1) in order to re-establish a connection as quickly as possible. Currently, a restart is attempted very 2 minutes and it can take up to 5 minutes for the GPS to get a lock. During the restart period, no GPS data is available for tracking. Note: it can be quicker to regain a GPS signal by restarting the application.
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